NNN Single-Family Rental Homes

Appreciation Homes is Your Dream Tenant

Appreciation Homes is the first investment-grade tenant leasing single-family rental homes under triple-net leases. We believe investing in rental homes should be simple and accessible to all investors.

Attractive Asset Class

Easy entry into the single-family rental housing market with predictable cash flows.

Hands-Off Investing

Zero management responsibility, zero capital expenditures, and zero vacancy risk.

BBB+ Rated Tenant

Long-term NNN lease with investment-grade tenant.

Revolutionizing Rental Income

Pioneering the NNN Single-Family Rental Solution for Effortless Wealth Creation

Discover bond-like income backed by appreciating real estate.

Featured Markets

Learn more about our available homes ranging from $250,000 to $500,000 in high-growth metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs)


$360,000 Average

Charlotte, NC


$370,000 average

Dallas Ft. Worth, TX

Atlanta MSA

$ 368,000 average

Atlanta, GA

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Appreciation Homes in the News and Meaningful Insights on Single-Family Rental Homes.


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