About Us

From Vision to Reality: Your Dream Tenant from the Start


Fueled by our trailblazing vision, we’ve forged a path to a novel investment opportunity within the single-family rental sector. Our mission is to offer investors not just access, but effortless wealth creation.

Stephen Satterfield

CEO, Appreciation Homes

Long-Term NNN Lease

Appreciation Homes is the first investment-grade tenant for NNN single-family rental properties

Born out of an innovative vision, Appreciation Homes has created a new investment asset class in the single-family rental sector with a patented process. We provide investors a simple, safe, and accessible product by eliminating management responsibility, capital expenditure, and vacancy risk.

BBB+ Rated Tenant

Long-Term Bond-Net Lease Structure

Cash Flow Stability

Our Team


Stephen Satterfield

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Satterfield is currently the Chief Executive Officer for Appreciation Homes. He also serves as a member of the investment committee. Previously, Mr. Satterfield was Partner of Capview Partners and led the overall business development activity.

Kevin Connelly

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Connelly currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Appreciation Homes. As the former CFO of Capview Partners, Mr. Connelly oversaw the finance and administration functions of the company including the finance, treasury, legal, accounting, HR and IT.

Danilo Da Silva

Senior VP

Danilo is a Senior Vice President at Appreciation Homes, responsible for portfolio strategy and all financial and quantitative analysis behind the firm’s real estate investment solutions. He has 13 years’ experience in Financial Analysis, Commercial Real Estate Funds, and Corporate Finance.

Dylan Connelly

VP, Asset Management

Mr. Connelly is Vice President of Asset Management for Appreciation Homes and is responsible for strategic initiatives and overseeing asset management activities of Appreciation Homes’ portfolio of single-family real estate.

Will Davis

VP, Acquisitions

Mr. Davis is Vice President of Acquisitions for Appreciation Homes and is responsible for all stages of the deal-flow from research, to underwriting, to sales, and maintenance of analytical models. He has 9 years’ experience in commercial real estate acquisitions, market research, management and analysis.

Kristen McElyea

Administration Manager

Ms. McElyea is Administration Manager for Appreciation Homes and is responsible for overseeing all office operations, company policies and procedures, human resources, and event planning.

Board of Directors

We maintain strong governance with a Board of Directors composed of three members, two of whom serve as independent Directors, Rich Ford of Roofstock and Jamie Graff of Raymond James.